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Unlocking Privacy: Harpocrates Consortium Recap, Saariselka, Lapland


18.12.2023 9:13


Nestled in Lapland’s landscapes, a snug cottage in Saariselka provided the setting for the meeting of the Harpocrates Consortium held between November 15th and 16th. This cozy retreat offered a conducive atmosphere for the consortium’s crucial discussions, aimed at fortifying data security and privacy.

The first day Tamas Kiss from University of Westminster, was presenting comprehensive project updates and results. Administrative matters were handled by Salla Kotakorva (Tampere Unviversity) and Gabor Terstyanszky (University of Westminster), followed by a brief introduction from Industry Focus Group members Ralf Seepold and Javier Valls Prieto. An engaging session of team-building activities added a touch of camaraderie, curated by our host Salla.

The consortium delved into detailed discussions across all Work Packages (WPs). Antonis Michalas (Tampere University) led WP1 discussions on results and issues, followed by Alfonso Iacovazzi (RISE) and Nicolae Paladi (CanaryBit) delving into WP2 and WP3, respectively. Tamas Kiss, Gabor Terstyanszky, and James DesLauriers (University of Westminster) provided insights into WP4, which included demonstrations from the Sleep Demonstrator presented by Matthew Salanitro (CHARITE), Thomas Penzel (CHARITE), Timo Leppanen (UEF), Tuomas Karhu (UEF), and James Bowden (UMG), as well as insights from the Threat Intelligence Demonstrator led by Luis Burdalo (S2 Grupo) and Antonio Calvo (SARGA).

The subsequent day commenced with a focused workshop session led by Nicolae Paladi (CanaryBit), Antonis Michalas (TUNI), Alfonso Iacovazzi (RISE), and Tamas Kiss (UOW), aligning technical outcomes with demonstrators and refining the Harpocrates architecture. Participants engaged in updating services, aligning them with specific demonstrators, and identifying critical issues in service integration.

Jelena Vasic from Zentrix Lab, headed discussions within WP5, focusing on dissemination and exploitation strategies, while Sarah Murray (Trilateral Research), guided a comprehensive overview and working session on ethical considerations within WP6.

The meeting culminated in a wrap-up session and discussions on the next project milestones, emphasizing collaboration and shared progress. 

Beyond the meeting sessions, participants engaged in outdoor team-building activities, fostering collaboration in Lapland’s environment. During these exchanges, the captivating display of the polar lights added a touch of wonder to the experience.


This blend of professional engagement amidst Lapland’s serene landscapes defined the essence of the Harpocrates Consortium’s meeting.