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The podcast, Harpocrates Chats, offers deep insights into our vision of shaping a future where data privacy is paramount. If you are a technology enthusiast, a privacy advocate, or simply curious about how innovation can enhance personal privacy, this podcast is for you!

Engage in a series of informal conversations that break down, in a straightforward manner, what Harpocrates is all about. Our mission at Harpocrates is to explore and implement technology solutions that empower individuals while safeguarding their privacy rights. We aim to achieve this by fostering responsible data management practices, ensuring privacy at the forefront of technological advances.

Hosted by Jelena Vasic, Harpocrates Chats guides you through thought-provoking discussions with experts in the field, highlighting key initiatives, challenges, and the significant impacts of our project. Join us as we explore the intersection of technology and privacy, creating a dialogue that is both enlightening and essential for our digital age.



Episode 1 – Harpocrates Project Overview with Tamas Kiss


Welcome to the very first episode of Harpocrates Chats. We are introducing our guest, Professor Tamas Kiss, who joins us from the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom. A respected authority in distributed computing, Professor Kiss is at the forefront of the Harpocrates Project, dedicated to leading its research initiatives and driving advancements in data privacy.