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Harpocrates consortium kicks off three-year project to improve data security

5.1.2023 10:19


The Harpocrates consortium, a group of cryptography, cybersecurity, and AI experts, recently held their kickoff meeting on November 1st in Berlin to discuss the main objectives and action points for their three-year research and development project. Funded by the European Commission, the project aims to develop open source algorithms and toolkits that will enable secure data exchange in the government and healthcare sectors. All project developments will be open source, and the consortium will share their github and cryptography tools with developers and academia. The consortium includes 13 partners from 9 countries, including the University of Westminster, Tampere University, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Trilateral Research, Zentrix Lab, CanaryBit, CHARITE UNIVERSITÄTSMEDIZIN BERLIN, Universitätsmedizin Göttingen, SARGA (Sociedad Aragonesa de Gesti ón Agroambiental S.L.U.), Regione Veneto, University of Eastern Finland, Université Paris Cité médecine, and S2 Grupo.

During the kickoff meeting, team members clarified their roles and responsibilities and discussed the project plan and schedule. They also identified potential risks and set action points for the next steps in the project.

The Harpocrates consortium is excited to begin this important work, which will help to improve the security and privacy of sensitive data. We look forward to sharing updates and progress on our project as it develops.