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Zentrix Lab (Research & Innovation) is an SME founded by Ex Ericsson employees in two countries with offices in Belgrade, Pancevo, and Tallinn. Company has two core departments: (i) Research & Innovation Zentrix Lab is a fast growing branch dedicated to research and application of DLT, IoT and Ai in different fields; (ii) is web3 development and consultancy one-stop-shop with hands on experience in industrial application of Blockchain technology, MVPs, and prototypes.

The company mission is to position on the market as cybersecurity service and solution provider for different markets. We integrate latest technological trends and research results, into own solutions design, using DLT (distributed ledger technology), IoT (Internet of Things), and Machine Learning. Company has a history of working in a research collaborative projects as Technical managers and leader of the Work packages. 

Role in the Harpocrates project

Zentrix is developing federated machine learning platform to allow privacy preserving AI and processing of the datasets. Federated learning platform will enable training an algorithm across multiple decentralized edge devices or servers holding local data samples, without exchanging them.
Furthermore, Zentrix has an important role from the start of the project as a project lead for the dissemination, exploitation and standardization. The task will include participation in (standardization) working groups and delivery of new standards, with a focus on the consent and interoperability ontology for personal data (Electornic Data INterchange) EDI with enforced GDPR.

Zentrix will be responsible for creating the Harpocrates ecosystem by leveraging existing ecosystems and communities, and thus minimizing the amount of work and resources which are required to contribute to strengthening the EU’s cybersecurity capacities and sovereignty in digital technologies.

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