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The ICT and Digital Agenda Department is in charge of designing, planning and implementing digital services for the territory and its diverse stakeholders. There are two organizational units forming the Department:

1. ICT Strategy, Digital Agenda and communication systems

This unit is responsible for the following activities:

  • Identification of ICT strategies;
  • Preparation of key strategic documents (e.g. Veneto Digital Agenda);
  • Coordination, implementation and monitoring of the Veneto Digital Agenda;
  • Connection with the national and the European level to discuss digitalization;
  • Creation and implementation of new digital services for citizens, industries and public administrations;
  • Enhancement of digital acculturation;
  • Ultra wideband;
  • Monitoring of enabling platforms;
  • Network and communication management;
  • Conduction of experimental projects;
  • Asset e configuration management;
  • Remote training.

2. Infrastructure, services and digital technologies

This unit is accountable for:

  • IT demand management and needs analysis;
  • Planning and programming of the evolution of the Region’s IT systems (SIRV);
  • Design and maintenance of SIRV’s applications;
  • Cooperation with other regional units;
  • Performance monitoring (contracts and ICT services);
  • Definition of technical standards (hardware, software, network);
  • Datacenter operation management and cloud management;
  • IT security management.

Role in the Harpocrates project

Veneto Region’s is a Demonstrator for Harpocrates, that is an end-user in the frame of public administrations.Veneto Region – ICT and Digital Agenda department will mainly participate by defining experiment requirements and testing and exploiting the solution in WP4. They will also have contributions in training and dissemination (WP2) and Commercial exploitation and sustainability (WP3)

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