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S2 Grupo Represents HARPOCRATES at ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023

19.7.2023 17:27


The ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023 (, held at the Universitat Politècnica de València – Auditorio Cubo Azul on July 4, 2023, brought together experts, researchers, and industry professionals to discuss advancements and innovations in artificial intelligence (AI) research. The event was organized by valgrAI, the Valencian Graduate School and Research Network of Artificial Intelligence, with the aim of promoting collaboration and knowledge exchange within the AI community.

One of the speakers at the forum was S2 Grupo (, represented by Ana Isabel Prieto. Prieto discussed the crucial role of AI in cybersecurity and highlighted S2 Grupo’s involvement in the Harpocrates Project. As a member of S2 Grupo’s R+D+i team, Prieto presented on “Threat Detection with AI,” emphasizing the development of neural networks for detecting threats at endpoints. This demonstrated S2 Grupo’s active participation in the HARPOCRATES project.

The ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum serves as a platform for experts and professionals to share insights, explore emerging trends, and drive innovation in AI. By facilitating collaboration among academia, industry, and government organizations, ValgrAI plays a significant role in advancing AI technology and its applications. Presenting the HARPOCRATES project at the forum provided an opportunity to showcase its advancements and insights to a diverse audience. The project gained visibility among stakeholders from academia, technology companies, government institutions, and research organizations, potentially leading to valuable collaborations and partnerships.

Don’t miss out on the insightful discussions and presentations from the ValgrAI Scientific Council Forum 2023! You can watch the video of the forum by clicking on the following link: