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Articoli scientifici e tecnici relativi al nostro progetto

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Bin Liu, Antonis Michalas and Bogdan Warinschi. “Cryptographic Role-Based Access Control, Reconsidered”. Proceedings of the 16th International Conference on Provable and Practical Security (ProvSec’22), Nanjing, China, 11–12 November 2022.
R. Guanciale, N. Paladi and A. Vahidi, "SoK: Confidential Quartet - Comparison of Platforms for Virtualization-Based Confidential Computing," 2022 IEEE International Symposium on Secure and Private Execution Environment Design (SEED), Storrs, CT, USA, 2022, pp. 109-120, doi: 10.1109/SEED55351.2022.00017.
Alexandros Bakas, Eugene Frimpong and Antonis Michalas. “Symmetrical Disguise: Realizing Homomorphic Encryption Services from Symmetric Primitives”. Proceedings of the 18th EAI International Conference on Security and Privacy in Communication Networks (SecureComm’22), Kansas City, United States, October 17–19, 2022.
Alexandros Bakas, Antonis Michalas, Eugene Frimpong and Reyhaneh Rabbaninejad. “Feel the Quantum Functioning: Instantiating Generic Multi-Input Functional Encryption from Learning with Errors”. Proceedings of the 36th Annual WG 11.3 Conference on Data and Applications Security and Privacy (DBSec’22), Newark, NJ, USA, July 18–20, 2022.
Title: stoRNA: Stateless Transparent Proofs of Storage-time

Authors: Reyhaneh Rabaninejad, Behzad Abdolmaleki, Giulio Malavolta, Antonis Michalas and Amir Nabizadeh

Venue: Proceedings of the 28th European Symposium on Research in Computer Security (ESORICS 2023), Hague, the Netherlands, September 25–29, 2023.
Title: Split Ways: Privacy-Preserving Training of Encrypted Data Using Split Learning

Authors: Tanveer Khan, Khoa Nguyen and Antonis Michalas

Venue: Proceedings of the 5th International Workshop on Health Data Management in the Era of AI (HeDAI'23), co-located with the 26th International Conference on Extending Database Technology, 28-31 March, 2023, Ioannina, Greece.

Han Wang, David Eklund, Alina Oprea, Shahid Raza - "FL4IoT: IoT Device Fingerprinting and Identification using Federated Learning", Published: 09 June 2023
Tanveer Khan, Antonis Michalas: Learning in the Dark: Privacy-Preserving Machine
Learning using Function Approximation
Tanveer Khan, Khoa Nguyen, Antonis Michalas: A More Secure Split: Enhancing the Security of Privacy-Preserving Split Learning
Tanveer Khan, Khoa Nguyen, Antonis Michalas and Alexandros Bakas: Love or Hate? Share or Split? Privacy-Preserving Training
Using Split Learning and Homomorphic Encryption
Khoa Nguyen, Tanveer Khan, Antonis Michalas: Split Without a Leak: Reducing Privacy Leakage
in Split Learning
Eugene Frimpong, Khoa Nguyen, Mindaugas Budzys, Tanveer Khan, Antonis Michalas: GuardML: Efficient Privacy-Preserving Machine Learning Services Through Hybrid Homomorphic Encryption
Eugene Frimpong, Alexandros Bakas, Camille Foucault and Antonis Michalas. “Need for Speed: Leveraging the Power of Functional Encryption for Resource-Constrained Devices”. In Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on IoT, BigData and Security (IoTBDS’24), Angers, France, 28–30 April 2024.
Tanveer Khan, Mindaugas Budzys, Khoa Nguyen and Antonis Michalas. “Wildest Dreams: Reproducible Research in Privacy-Preserving Neural Network Training ”. In Proceedings of the 24th Privacy Enhancing Technologies Symposium (PETS’24), Bristol, U.K., 15–20 July 2024.
Tanveer Khan, Mindaugas Budzys and Antonis Michalas: "Make Split, not Hijack: Preventing Feature-Space Hijacking Attacks in Split Learning". 15—17 May, 2024, San Antonio, Texas, USA
Camille Foucault, Reyhaneh Rabbaninejad, Tassos Dimitriou and Antonis Michalas: "FE[r]Chain: Enforcing Fairness in Blockchain Data Exchanges Through Verifiable Functional Encryption". 15—17 May, 2024, San Antonio, Texas, USA.